Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday 25th October

practicing using call sheets, location recce, location shoot and equipment list, risk assesement. I changed the  information into my own that i will be using for the band.
call sheet
Known Risks

Possibility of stones/dirt hitting operator/camera from bikes so position well back to avoid flying debris.

The use of moving motor vehicles makes this shoot potentially hazardous. Please be aware of your surroundings and the movement of vehicles at high speed. This is a relatively safe working environment, but you must always ensure you are not putting yourself at risk by being in the way of machinery/operatives. Fluorescent jackets will be available and are compulsory. Vicky Monk has been advised to look after crew operating on track and in pit area, and if you are unsure of the areas which are safe to work from then please consult with either Chris Moorcroft, Vicky Monk, or the clerk of the course.

Suitable footwear in the pit area and on track is required.

The ground is fairly uneven. Please watch your footing and point out any potential hazards you spot to your colleagues.

The weather forecast is variable so please dress appropriately and bring appropriate wet weather clothing plus a change of clothing to freshen up afterwards. A limited number of ponchos are available at request.

General Safety:

Please look after yourself and others around you. Never put yourself or others at risk. Stay well back from track area whilst riders are racing. Please be aware of noisy environment. Use suitable ear protection. Headsets, grommets and ear defenders are all available, but if you have your own then please bring them with you as we do have limited quantities. Use suitable footwear and clothing. Please flag up these issues if you require any further assistance.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Broadcast newspackage

our group have chosen to research about the history of the manchester college. i have so far being researching about the history of the college. i will then be doing some research into other newspackage shows e.t.c.
i shall also be looking into how to make my news package