Thursday, 31 January 2013

Peter: official pitch day 23rd Jan

Today was the day for my final pitching of my documentary, my pitch slot was at 10.10.mi arrived 5 minutes early.
I began to prepare my pitch by setting up my laptop to the projector and getting my dress that. Made out and the handouts. As i started i gave my pitch and the handout that i made to pete and colin for them to look at. I then read through the slides and give out more information as i went through them. I the middle of my presentation i showed colin and pete an example of a dress that i have made which i thought would set a good example of what the show is about.
I finished the pitch and got some positive feedback from both tutors. Peter said that i have put a lot of thought into it and that it was good. I just need to sort out my crew for filming. Also they mentioned about my set for my presenting parts where i use my sewing machine and though the use of the studio would look more professional and better than my bedroom would as jt would fit better into the documentary style
I feel that my overall presentation went well however i did get a little confused about what i was saying at times and feared if i repeat my self a little though i got through the presentation in good time and got out what i wanted to say.
The things i would change about pitching my idea would be; i would think more about my crew and locations more. I would also re film the short video that i made with one of the cameras from college as i felt that it didnt look as good. I would also hand in my full research folder as i forgot it that day to fulfil my pitching idea.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thursday, 17th January

Today I came into college to discuss with my tutor anymore work that is needed I found out that I need to make documents on :

Edit plans
Graphics page research
Research about futsal game
Research about live camera set up at football game
History of futsal research?
Full risk assement for velodrome
Recce for velodrome
Other pieces of paperwork from emails and other people.
In the production dairy, add more evaluation about feelings of the work and if ai had more time what would I do e.t.c
The v.t: ,a,e a rough edit and a normal edit and add some more dairy about it.
Instead of just writing about it, add some thoughts and feeling progress the dairy of the whole work.
Watch some videos online and add them into the bibliography discuss them into further detail and make running orders maybe do more than 1.

Print off for next Thursday :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The role of a runner research

Runner role: notes from a book
How to get a job in television, Elsa Sharp.

The role of a runner is is one of the first jobs I the media industry that starts at the bottom of the ladder. It's good for experience rather than hard eArned cash. This role is for people that are wanting to get a job industry but are using the role of a runner as a starting point for experience.
You can get the chance of learning a lot and getting a lot of contacts which is a good thing for getting yourself into the media. Most successful producers, presenters and commissioners started off being a runner.
The main role of a runner is to be a 'spare person', they get luches, make tea, collects and delivers tapes and is relied upon by the production team to help them with any jobs.
There are different types of runners. As a runner, working on a specific program you get to help on shoots, help fin locations, facts and stories and even soot a camera. The main 2 toes of runners are office runners and production runners, office runners will mainly help help out with the general admin, photocopying, faxing and helping out with the accounts. A dwell as working along side researchers, looking in newspapers for current stories. Tasks that a set would be finding locations and accessing the studio, the runner would usually look after the camera equipment, assisting sound and camera, looking after the presenter and crew, getting the release forms for locations and contributors, finding props and working along side the director if he needs anything s the shoot goes smoothly as possible.
Some production companies have a tight budget, so the runner cold be used as a researcher.

Being a runner in a live broadcast is important as there can be lots of jobs for them to do as there can be many problems with technical faults with equipment. For example, if something goes wrong with the talkback system then the runner can fix the issue or get more equipment. Everything has to be up and working properly in order for the live shoot to be carried out smoothly.
As a runner at a futsal game, you have to make sure that all the equipment is kept safe as the ball could hit the cameras, make sure all the communication headsets are working and reliable and that the wire’s are covered with mats and taped to the floor especially if there are spectators that are going to be there. If there is a moving camera, hold the wire and assist everyone if they need you. A runner should keep up to date with the director and be there for her/him if anything is needed to be done. 

Wednesday 16th January

Today I finished off my production folder and made some research documents for it.
I am going t have a tutorial with my tutor tomorrow s I decided to finish off my work so I can talks him about any further changes or more work I cave to do before reaching the deadline.

Sunday 13th January. Futsal shooting day

Today was the last game of futsal, my role for today was t be a runner, camera assistant, and a floor manager assistant.
I arrived there at 2pm. And was waiting around for a while for the equipment to come. The equipment came around half 2 and we began t setup. I helped setting up by setting up camera 1 and taking the XLR cable t the camera. When everything was set up, I placed mats over the cables aspecially at the entrance where the spectators would be walking over them. Then put warning tape around them to secure them to the floor.
We then had a production meeting where Luke was giving out running orders, camera scripts for camera men and other information. I was a runners. Received a running order so tha I can keep an eye on what's happening on the game aspecially when I go to the other side of the pitch.
as the game started, I kept a look out to see if anyone needed an do with anything. I was asked to be a camera assistant s I therefore helped carry the wire when Danny to the camera over to the pitch a the start of the game.
I was then asked to sit with the score person at the other side of the pitch to let the production team know the subs for the commentators. I gave a small introduction to the man to let him know wha. A doing and he gave me some information with the players names and numbers on. But I only needed the numbers. After giving information over to Erin (the floor manager), there was difficulty with them hearing what I was saying and it was soon to notice that my talkback wasn't working properly. I checked to see if it was on the right Chanel and battery check, that was fine. Dann had an idea of using Facebook as a matter of communication but everyone was using their laptops s it was decided that it was no bother anymore.
When I came back t the other side, just helped out with camera 4 carrying the wire and looking out t see if anything needed doing. Wen the game finished, I got the 2 coaches to come over for an interview.
We then packed up and returned the equipment back in the van to finish for 7:15pm.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Friday 11th January: Colin

Today I edited my v.t. i found it rather easy apart from a few sound issues, also some shot weren't what i wanted so i put some cutaway shots over them.
The graphics that i made last night, i thought didn't look quite professional so i therefore made a new one.
i left my ending piece at home on the tape as i was editing the last part of the v.t so i just had to fade the black intead.
i finally went through the sound before putting the V.T on the trickster for Sunday.

Thursday 10th Jan: Colin

Today i prepared some pre-production work for my V.T. I made a running order, risk assessment and a call sheet.
At 8pm, i met Nyasha at the leisure centre at Belle due. We set up and began filming. I felt that the overall filming went well however the main problem was that one of the players didn't have their uniform on so i had to avoid filming him which was difficult at times especially when shooting a LS of them playing. Sometimes the ball would come near the camera or hit my leg which was a bit of a distraction, also i had to change one of my lines as there was an mistake with a line of my script 'fifa futsal' didn't win the world championship, so i will change this in editing.
We also had a problem with sound. The mic wasn't working properly and picked u too much background noise which could be difficult to resolve in editing.
When shooting the interviews, I felt that. Sold of done over the shoulder shots instead of two way mid shots a the shots would be more on their face instead of jus the sided of their faces. Overall however, I felt that i Got all the main shots and interviews that I needed for my v.t.