Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thursday, 17th January

Today I came into college to discuss with my tutor anymore work that is needed I found out that I need to make documents on :

Edit plans
Graphics page research
Research about futsal game
Research about live camera set up at football game
History of futsal research?
Full risk assement for velodrome
Recce for velodrome
Other pieces of paperwork from emails and other people.
In the production dairy, add more evaluation about feelings of the work and if ai had more time what would I do e.t.c
The v.t: ,a,e a rough edit and a normal edit and add some more dairy about it.
Instead of just writing about it, add some thoughts and feeling progress the dairy of the whole work.
Watch some videos online and add them into the bibliography discuss them into further detail and make running orders maybe do more than 1.

Print off for next Thursday :)

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