Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pete: draft pitch and documentary idea

For today's lesson, we had to pitch our idea to the tutor and class for our documentary, Pete wasn't here today so we had to pitch to Ricardo.
i didn't have a powerpoint so i pitched my idea from my proposal straight to the class.
Ricardo liked the idea and suggested to me a program that is already made about a girl who makes her own clothes, so i could get some ideas from that show for my own to see what works for it.Jack also suggested that i could add something about charity shops, that people go in and buy old clothes to re-make or customise.
i am going to have my one to one session next week with Ricardo about my documentary die as he said he is going to give me some more ideas.

Pete: short film ideas

Wednesday 31st October
In today' lesson, Pete showed us some short documentary films that have been made and posted on vimeo.
we watched them all and talked about them, about the idea and the creation.
for the second half of the lesson, we had to find a short documentary off the internet and make a treatment for it, i chose to make a treatment for the window design maker. i thought it had good content to write about and ould be fairly easy. my proposal consists of shots that were used and description and idea of the whole film.
We then had to read them out to the whole class and in front of Pete for feedback. Pete was happy with my proposal and said i wrote it well.
This proposal will help me to do one for my short documentary idea.

Futsal practice at the velodrome centre

Tuesday, 13th November:
Today, i went down to the velodrome centre (national cycling centre) where we was having a practice for the futsal show. It was Danny Jack's final rehearsal before he directs one of the final shows.
As there wasn't many people there, we just did a rehearsal as normal as matey and luke was playing football. Danny was directing and i had a go at commentating. i felt that this was rather good fun as i tried my best to keep up to what was happening.
i also had a go with the sound control which i felt was easy as i have done this before. for example, when Josh (the presenter) started to talk, i would slide the sound control switch up to a reasonable setting to hear his voice, then back down and use the other switch to hear my voice for when i commentated.
The practice went well but then there was some complications in the group when two of the students had an argument.