Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ricardo! pitching and presenting FEEDBACK

feedback from Pete:
Make the program mire biased instead of saying that the CRT televisions have more disadvantages than the new plasma screen television.
perhaps get different viewing from people about different views of the T.V
Get someone more specific that could give more information about the television changes instead of someone from the public.
perhaps someone like a historian that specifically know the changes in detail

historian could be interviewed for the actual changed
TV man could be interviewed for the benefits and the sales of the new plasma
vox pops can get different views
For the V.T voice over i am going to state the advantages and disadvantages for the CRT televisions and not just state the disadvantages.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ricardo! pitching and presenting

for my pitch an presentation i am going to :

  • give out hand outs of pictures of how the television used to look and how it looks like now with positive changes to what people think of the television change
  • brainstorm about my ideas and the V.T and the studio operation
  • a page of some research into how the tv changed
  • graphics page of a bar chart of sales going up
  • named presenter - andrew how he will be presenting the show and or the V.T
  • running order
  • outline of the auto cue script
  • V.T script

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pete: 20th March notes for the pitch

First, finish the treatment and complete the draft powerpoint


  • write a brief summary of the treatment
  • VT ideas
  • set design / floor plan
  • presenters?
  • roles
  • kit / equipment

Monday, 19 March 2012

Sam: production minutes

where everyone's at
Andrew Greenland- ready to film
Joe Kerrigan- getting interview together
Luke Talbot- for interviews / vox pops he is going to a bmx park to film random and film them biking around
Me: need to finish paperwork and start on filming
Josh Lloyd: going to film an interview with a pensioner about the new iPad on how people are buying the new one instead of the old. has created a graphics package for our production.
Kas Berrailes: finished pitch getting interview with referee's.

Kas and Luke- Sunday
Josh- Monday 26th march
Andy- friday/ Sunday
Joe- next 2 weeks
Rebecca- Monday 26th March

documents we need to do for the V.T's:

  • Risk assessments
  • location recce
  • 5 consent form templates: Luke making these
  • scripts
  • call sheet

possible people to come into our group:

what people would prefer to do for roles
Kas- camera, vision mixing
Luke- camera
Josh- vision mixing/ directing
Joe- floor manager
Andy- directing, vision mixing, camera
Rebecca- vision mixing, camera, sound, presenter

extra notes

Josh filming next week 
needs to be filmed and edited before coming back for easter
everyone should get their own tape to film their work on: mini DV tapes

Sam: overview of my idea for my V.T

What I’m going to include in the V.T for Sam: Student night life

My V.T is going to be a bit of a news flash about and for students as well as giving a bit of entertainment and a positive approach to the news show.
my idea:  on a night out to socialise with friends and meet up
stating the most popular and cheap night club in Manchester, what night club is good and cheap for students: their views on what they want on a night out and the bet place to go.

Piece to camera:
  •  Introduce what the topics going to be about
  • down the street by 5h ave, canal street
1 interview
  • promoter: what club they flyer for? do you get a lot of students getting flyers off you? ask them about what the mod popular day is for students to get flyers, what the benefits are for students when they have a leaflet or wrist band. what night club they think would be good for students? 
3 vox pops 
  • student: ask about what they want out of a night out and their opinion about where the best place is to go for a cheap night out
1 voiceover
  • the voiceover is going to have some footage on it from students walking down the street and night life. i am king to have a voice over the footage about the nightlife
1 graphics page

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ricardo: different types of research primary and secondary IRA

Primary research
Primary research is a way of finding things out myself and noting the findings down.

  • What primary research i am going to hold:

I am going to hold a focus group and make questionnaires. i am going to take pictures in the focus groups and then write about my findings of what i've researched from the group.
I am then going to produce some questionnaires which will cover some questions for some information that i am going to include in my program.

  • what secondary research i am going to do
for my secondary research, i am going to research on the internet for some information about what the previous televisions were like, and the present plasma televisions. i am then going to research into how its benefited the public and how the CRT televisions worked differently from the new current plasma televisions.
I am going to look at some books relating to televisions and history of them and quote them in a word document/ take pictures of it.
For the set out of the show and how i am going to set it out, i am going to go on 4od/ inlayer for example or youtube to look at present programs on something simular on news such as the one show for example.
And write about they set their programs out. this will give some ideas for m=how i am going to set my own program out.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Peter- Tuesday 21st February

Today i got put into a group with Ashley, Erin. Louis and Luke.
We had to go out and film some shots for an introduction of the 30 minute band show.
we came up with the idea of doing some quick shots relating to music and bands and then editing them so they play backwards.
we thought that this would be  good affect for the music show.

Friday, 2 March 2012

sam's work- mon 27th feb

Today i made my idea on power point presentation and pitched it to Sam and the class.
i felt thius went well as i clearly presented my idea and got some feedback off the class.