Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ricardo: questions for the questionnaires

1. do you own  a flatscreen television?
2. in general, do you think that the flatscreen television is better than the old CRT television (fat television)
3. if you do own a flatscreen television, where abouts have you placed the tv in your room?
4. do you think that space matters when it comes to your television size?
5. do you think that the picture quality matters to your television?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sam: research on student night life for V.T

Number of students in City aged 18 and over:
Over 85,000
Manchester has four Universities, Manchester, UMIST, Manchester Met and Salford.
There are also another 14 Universities and higher education institutions in surrounding areas, making the total population of almost 350,000 students within an hour's drive time of Manchester.

Student population: 50,000

Manchester’s strong music history has led to a great Manchester nightlife along with some great student nights in Manchester.
There is a wide selection of music genres in Manchester’s nightclubs. Here is the ultimate guide to the best student (and student friendly) clubs in Manchester.
5th Avenue is a student favourite. There is a cheap and cheerful feel about the club and drinks are cheap. It is best to get to 5th Avenue early to avoid long queues. Wednesday night is a hot pick and you will usually find both floors of the club overspilling with students. The music takes a mainstream indie feel with dance tracks added in for extra spice.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sam: Job roles

Nabeel: vision mixer: boxing
Abid: camera 1: new opening of a mosk
Luke: camera 2: raise in fuel prices
Kas: camera 3: football, abuse to referees
Andy G: sound: music
Josh: director: metro link
Ezra: lighting: 
Rebecca: presenter: student night life
Imogen: floor manager: recession
Joe Kerrigan: producer: NHS

Good and interesting news that people want to hear
Lighter news: entertainment: music or night life

1.    Imogen: recession??
2.    Josh: metro link
3.    Joe: NHS
4.    Abid: mosk
5.    Kas: football
6.    Nabeel: boxing
7.    Andy G: music??
8.    Rebecca: student night life
9.    Weather

Tue 8th... Pete: first act

Today, the acts from lever street came down and we did a practice rehearsal. we made an interview room behind one of the walls and then had all the main studio set up with 3 cameras, one on a dolly. we made the lighting look creative to set the atmosphere. Because Erin wasn't here, i took over to be the interviewer. i was also the floor manager for the interview room where i had to listen out for when the act has finished in the main studio and make sure they are in the interview room in good time  counting down for the start of the interview.