Friday, 21 December 2012

6th December: colin's class

as i missed my earlier tutorial today, i just made it in time for the production meeting minutes so i therefor stayed and made notes for the minutes, of which are stated below:


Person in charge
When it is going to be done by or on
People to give more interest into the show

All equipment needs to be on the van on Friday

Better communication between commentators and director

Better sound should be recorded

Camera 2 should not move up or down, it should only pan left and right

Camera was shaky

Runner to be on the other side to see what’s going on

Someone should sit at the ref’s table informing the crew on the subs to see which player is coming on and which one is coming off

Presenter wasn’t focusing on camera that much, he was looking behind him quite often

Graphics didn’t run properly on the second half

There was more v.t’s on Manchester than there was hull needs to be balanced out

Camera should pan on the guests from either side of the presenter instead of the awkwardness of  the guest coming in and ot of the shot

Sort the position of the backdrop and when it should be used- lack of communication

Crew members

Crew members

Josh, abid and kas

Sound person

Camera 2 operator

Floor manager should become camera assistant or a runner

Extra person who’s not got much of a job role

Extra person who’s not got much of a job role


Vision mixer


Camera 3 operator

8th January

8th January

4th January

8th January

8th January

8th January

8th January

8th January

8th January

8th January

8th January

8th January

8th January

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

22nd November: colin: meeting minutes

This is a table of today's production meeting minutes for Sunday 9th December's futsal game.


Person in charge
When it is going to be done by
To get the team’s numbers and the pronunciation of the player’s names.

To put a small preview monitor where the presenter stands

Make some camera plans for the beginning

Get an earpiece for the presenter

As the clock wont work on the shooting day, the score graphics should be done by a laptop

Contact Ilya asking if people can meet the players half an hour or so before their training session for v.t’s

Need to change music for the v.t about kick ups infront of landmarks

V.T to be brought in

Nyasha and kas

Nyasha and Josh

Danny and Rebecca





Week on Friday- 16th
Pronounciation for tuesday

For next Tuesday

For next Tuesday

For next tuesday

For next tueday working on it now

Doing tonight for next tuesday

Next Tuesday

For next Tuesday

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

11th December: Pete pitch prep

Tonight, i shot some pieces for my presentation pitch for tomorrow.
i decided to make a short video lasting around 1 minute to add into my power point. i made a top for the video, i thought this would be a good idea for my pitch a it would create some visual impact to my idea and to make it more stable and interesting.
I basically self directed a simple single camera piece in front of a table and chair with my sewing machine on it and made a staples top.
i felt this went very well as i was able to shoot and edit the piece all in one night. a few alterations could have been made to the quality but as it was for the pitch i didn't mind about this.

29th November: Colin's class

In today's lesson, we was preparing ourselves for Sunday's actual futsal game.
we set up a simple 3 way multi cam in the studio and i was presenting the show.
the rehearsal went well but a couple of people weren't bothering to be part of the rehearsal in front of the camera for the rehearsal. also as i wasn't sure what to say or how the show would be laid out, i got stuck on what to say a couple of times. Otherwise the rehearsal went well enough for the director to understand the difficulties and learn from them for Sunday.

12th December: pitch for pete

Today i had my pitch at 10:10am, i felt it went really smoothly overall.
as soon as i got in the room, i was informed that i had 15 minutes to prepare myself for the pitch. i printed my prompt sheet out and connect my laptop to the viewing board.  i had 5 minutes to pitch my idea, i went through the presentation, i was then told i had 1 minute 15 seconds to finish up of which then i got through the end of my pitch fluently as i knew i wanted to show the video that i had made.
i finished talking and pete said it was very good and that i covered the brief.  I then showed my video of which he was pleased with but then just said that when i come to film, to make sure that the sound is fluent and that the white balance is set properly and that i should have someone to aid me to edit my documentary.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Futsal day: Sunday, 2nd November

Today was the day of the shooting for the futsal show.
i turned up for half past 2 and we all stayed there until half 6/7 o'clock.
my role for the day was to be a runner. for my role as a runner, i was making sure that the camera and tripod (camera 2) was safe and that the football didn't hit or knock it over.
I also helped pass messages on from the presenter and camera 3 to Danny (the director and helped with taping the wires down to the floor to make sure that no one would trip over them.
The things that i could have done to make my position stronger would have been to go to each camera man instead of just 2 and 3 to make sure that they were ok also to go to danny and ask if he needed me more anything else. apart from that, i think my role as a runner, i couldn't do much as there were a few other runners doing the same as me and everything was pretty much completed and done.
My thoughts of the day would be that it went pretty smoothly from the turnover from presenter to commentator, however better communication to the director could have been made from the presenter.