Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12th December: pitch for pete

Today i had my pitch at 10:10am, i felt it went really smoothly overall.
as soon as i got in the room, i was informed that i had 15 minutes to prepare myself for the pitch. i printed my prompt sheet out and connect my laptop to the viewing board.  i had 5 minutes to pitch my idea, i went through the presentation, i was then told i had 1 minute 15 seconds to finish up of which then i got through the end of my pitch fluently as i knew i wanted to show the video that i had made.
i finished talking and pete said it was very good and that i covered the brief.  I then showed my video of which he was pleased with but then just said that when i come to film, to make sure that the sound is fluent and that the white balance is set properly and that i should have someone to aid me to edit my documentary.

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