Tuesday, 18 December 2012

22nd November: colin: meeting minutes

This is a table of today's production meeting minutes for Sunday 9th December's futsal game.


Person in charge
When it is going to be done by
To get the team’s numbers and the pronunciation of the player’s names.

To put a small preview monitor where the presenter stands

Make some camera plans for the beginning

Get an earpiece for the presenter

As the clock wont work on the shooting day, the score graphics should be done by a laptop

Contact Ilya asking if people can meet the players half an hour or so before their training session for v.t’s

Need to change music for the v.t about kick ups infront of landmarks

V.T to be brought in

Nyasha and kas

Nyasha and Josh

Danny and Rebecca





Week on Friday- 16th
Pronounciation for tuesday

For next Tuesday

For next Tuesday

For next tuesday

For next tueday working on it now

Doing tonight for next tuesday

Next Tuesday

For next Tuesday

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