Sunday, 9 December 2012

Futsal day: Sunday, 2nd November

Today was the day of the shooting for the futsal show.
i turned up for half past 2 and we all stayed there until half 6/7 o'clock.
my role for the day was to be a runner. for my role as a runner, i was making sure that the camera and tripod (camera 2) was safe and that the football didn't hit or knock it over.
I also helped pass messages on from the presenter and camera 3 to Danny (the director and helped with taping the wires down to the floor to make sure that no one would trip over them.
The things that i could have done to make my position stronger would have been to go to each camera man instead of just 2 and 3 to make sure that they were ok also to go to danny and ask if he needed me more anything else. apart from that, i think my role as a runner, i couldn't do much as there were a few other runners doing the same as me and everything was pretty much completed and done.
My thoughts of the day would be that it went pretty smoothly from the turnover from presenter to commentator, however better communication to the director could have been made from the presenter.

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