Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pete: 16th April, external quiet shots

when i booked the equipment out the other week, i couldn't work out how the external mic connected to the camera (V1) which prevented me from filming my shots before i went home for a week so today, i went to college to talk to my tutors and went to film in the city centre for about half past 5 as i knew the sun would start to go down then so it would affect my shots. i managed to get a few random shots of things that would be iconic e.t.c to manchester for example, the trams, a sculpture in Piccadilly gardens. i also got some shop names which included, prim ark, debenhams, h&m e.t.c.
i then filmed a 20 minute piece of market street of people walking past which i will make into a time lapse for the start of the program.

the past few weeks

within the past few weeks, i was going through some personal difficulties and my attendance of college was minimal. now i have got myself focused for the work i have to produce, i am going to make another Gant chart get some paperwork and preparation together for my one to one with Pete tomorow (17th April) as i have only a couple of weeks left until the draft hand in date.