Monday, 14 May 2012

Sam: Job roles

Nabeel: vision mixer: boxing
Abid: camera 1: new opening of a mosk
Luke: camera 2: raise in fuel prices
Kas: camera 3: football, abuse to referees
Andy G: sound: music
Josh: director: metro link
Ezra: lighting: 
Rebecca: presenter: student night life
Imogen: floor manager: recession
Joe Kerrigan: producer: NHS

Good and interesting news that people want to hear
Lighter news: entertainment: music or night life

1.    Imogen: recession??
2.    Josh: metro link
3.    Joe: NHS
4.    Abid: mosk
5.    Kas: football
6.    Nabeel: boxing
7.    Andy G: music??
8.    Rebecca: student night life
9.    Weather

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