Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ricardo: different types of research primary and secondary IRA

Primary research
Primary research is a way of finding things out myself and noting the findings down.

  • What primary research i am going to hold:

I am going to hold a focus group and make questionnaires. i am going to take pictures in the focus groups and then write about my findings of what i've researched from the group.
I am then going to produce some questionnaires which will cover some questions for some information that i am going to include in my program.

  • what secondary research i am going to do
for my secondary research, i am going to research on the internet for some information about what the previous televisions were like, and the present plasma televisions. i am then going to research into how its benefited the public and how the CRT televisions worked differently from the new current plasma televisions.
I am going to look at some books relating to televisions and history of them and quote them in a word document/ take pictures of it.
For the set out of the show and how i am going to set it out, i am going to go on 4od/ inlayer for example or youtube to look at present programs on something simular on news such as the one show for example.
And write about they set their programs out. this will give some ideas for m=how i am going to set my own program out.

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