Monday, 19 March 2012

Sam: production minutes

where everyone's at
Andrew Greenland- ready to film
Joe Kerrigan- getting interview together
Luke Talbot- for interviews / vox pops he is going to a bmx park to film random and film them biking around
Me: need to finish paperwork and start on filming
Josh Lloyd: going to film an interview with a pensioner about the new iPad on how people are buying the new one instead of the old. has created a graphics package for our production.
Kas Berrailes: finished pitch getting interview with referee's.

Kas and Luke- Sunday
Josh- Monday 26th march
Andy- friday/ Sunday
Joe- next 2 weeks
Rebecca- Monday 26th March

documents we need to do for the V.T's:

  • Risk assessments
  • location recce
  • 5 consent form templates: Luke making these
  • scripts
  • call sheet

possible people to come into our group:

what people would prefer to do for roles
Kas- camera, vision mixing
Luke- camera
Josh- vision mixing/ directing
Joe- floor manager
Andy- directing, vision mixing, camera
Rebecca- vision mixing, camera, sound, presenter

extra notes

Josh filming next week 
needs to be filmed and edited before coming back for easter
everyone should get their own tape to film their work on: mini DV tapes

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