Monday, 19 March 2012

Sam: overview of my idea for my V.T

What I’m going to include in the V.T for Sam: Student night life

My V.T is going to be a bit of a news flash about and for students as well as giving a bit of entertainment and a positive approach to the news show.
my idea:  on a night out to socialise with friends and meet up
stating the most popular and cheap night club in Manchester, what night club is good and cheap for students: their views on what they want on a night out and the bet place to go.

Piece to camera:
  •  Introduce what the topics going to be about
  • down the street by 5h ave, canal street
1 interview
  • promoter: what club they flyer for? do you get a lot of students getting flyers off you? ask them about what the mod popular day is for students to get flyers, what the benefits are for students when they have a leaflet or wrist band. what night club they think would be good for students? 
3 vox pops 
  • student: ask about what they want out of a night out and their opinion about where the best place is to go for a cheap night out
1 voiceover
  • the voiceover is going to have some footage on it from students walking down the street and night life. i am king to have a voice over the footage about the nightlife
1 graphics page

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