Thursday, 22 November 2012

Futsal practice at the velodrome centre

Tuesday, 13th November:
Today, i went down to the velodrome centre (national cycling centre) where we was having a practice for the futsal show. It was Danny Jack's final rehearsal before he directs one of the final shows.
As there wasn't many people there, we just did a rehearsal as normal as matey and luke was playing football. Danny was directing and i had a go at commentating. i felt that this was rather good fun as i tried my best to keep up to what was happening.
i also had a go with the sound control which i felt was easy as i have done this before. for example, when Josh (the presenter) started to talk, i would slide the sound control switch up to a reasonable setting to hear his voice, then back down and use the other switch to hear my voice for when i commentated.
The practice went well but then there was some complications in the group when two of the students had an argument.

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