Thursday, 18 October 2012

18th oct: colin's class

Today i pitched my idea to Colin for the Futsal show. i felt that i delivered my idea well however i don't think i fully understood what the 30 minutes of the show wold exactly be about as Colin's feedback stated this. He was pleased that i made a Budget and delivered my whole idea however i didn't fully think about the pre-production part of the budget. Also the 30 minute didn't just have to be v.t, it could been live parts too.
Things i might have to change: some budget parts
                                                 some parts of the 30 min footage

This afternoon everyone grouped together to make the pre-production work for the practice session on Sunday 28th.
I am working on an idea for a V.T within the program.

V.T Idea

History of Futsal.
some footage of the internet about when futsal first started- not allowed so maybe make some graphics or drawings for the v.t to show how it used to be and then some footage that i will be filming on tuesday about how futsal is now.
some questions asked to one of the team members via box pop.

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