Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Thursday 10th Jan: Colin

Today i prepared some pre-production work for my V.T. I made a running order, risk assessment and a call sheet.
At 8pm, i met Nyasha at the leisure centre at Belle due. We set up and began filming. I felt that the overall filming went well however the main problem was that one of the players didn't have their uniform on so i had to avoid filming him which was difficult at times especially when shooting a LS of them playing. Sometimes the ball would come near the camera or hit my leg which was a bit of a distraction, also i had to change one of my lines as there was an mistake with a line of my script 'fifa futsal' didn't win the world championship, so i will change this in editing.
We also had a problem with sound. The mic wasn't working properly and picked u too much background noise which could be difficult to resolve in editing.
When shooting the interviews, I felt that. Sold of done over the shoulder shots instead of two way mid shots a the shots would be more on their face instead of jus the sided of their faces. Overall however, I felt that i Got all the main shots and interviews that I needed for my v.t.

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