Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The role of a runner research

Runner role: notes from a book
How to get a job in television, Elsa Sharp.

The role of a runner is is one of the first jobs I the media industry that starts at the bottom of the ladder. It's good for experience rather than hard eArned cash. This role is for people that are wanting to get a job industry but are using the role of a runner as a starting point for experience.
You can get the chance of learning a lot and getting a lot of contacts which is a good thing for getting yourself into the media. Most successful producers, presenters and commissioners started off being a runner.
The main role of a runner is to be a 'spare person', they get luches, make tea, collects and delivers tapes and is relied upon by the production team to help them with any jobs.
There are different types of runners. As a runner, working on a specific program you get to help on shoots, help fin locations, facts and stories and even soot a camera. The main 2 toes of runners are office runners and production runners, office runners will mainly help help out with the general admin, photocopying, faxing and helping out with the accounts. A dwell as working along side researchers, looking in newspapers for current stories. Tasks that a set would be finding locations and accessing the studio, the runner would usually look after the camera equipment, assisting sound and camera, looking after the presenter and crew, getting the release forms for locations and contributors, finding props and working along side the director if he needs anything s the shoot goes smoothly as possible.
Some production companies have a tight budget, so the runner cold be used as a researcher.

Being a runner in a live broadcast is important as there can be lots of jobs for them to do as there can be many problems with technical faults with equipment. For example, if something goes wrong with the talkback system then the runner can fix the issue or get more equipment. Everything has to be up and working properly in order for the live shoot to be carried out smoothly.
As a runner at a futsal game, you have to make sure that all the equipment is kept safe as the ball could hit the cameras, make sure all the communication headsets are working and reliable and that the wire’s are covered with mats and taped to the floor especially if there are spectators that are going to be there. If there is a moving camera, hold the wire and assist everyone if they need you. A runner should keep up to date with the director and be there for her/him if anything is needed to be done. 

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