Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sunday 13th January. Futsal shooting day

Today was the last game of futsal, my role for today was t be a runner, camera assistant, and a floor manager assistant.
I arrived there at 2pm. And was waiting around for a while for the equipment to come. The equipment came around half 2 and we began t setup. I helped setting up by setting up camera 1 and taking the XLR cable t the camera. When everything was set up, I placed mats over the cables aspecially at the entrance where the spectators would be walking over them. Then put warning tape around them to secure them to the floor.
We then had a production meeting where Luke was giving out running orders, camera scripts for camera men and other information. I was a runners. Received a running order so tha I can keep an eye on what's happening on the game aspecially when I go to the other side of the pitch.
as the game started, I kept a look out to see if anyone needed an do with anything. I was asked to be a camera assistant s I therefore helped carry the wire when Danny to the camera over to the pitch a the start of the game.
I was then asked to sit with the score person at the other side of the pitch to let the production team know the subs for the commentators. I gave a small introduction to the man to let him know wha. A doing and he gave me some information with the players names and numbers on. But I only needed the numbers. After giving information over to Erin (the floor manager), there was difficulty with them hearing what I was saying and it was soon to notice that my talkback wasn't working properly. I checked to see if it was on the right Chanel and battery check, that was fine. Dann had an idea of using Facebook as a matter of communication but everyone was using their laptops s it was decided that it was no bother anymore.
When I came back t the other side, just helped out with camera 4 carrying the wire and looking out t see if anything needed doing. Wen the game finished, I got the 2 coaches to come over for an interview.
We then packed up and returned the equipment back in the van to finish for 7:15pm.

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