Thursday, 31 January 2013

Peter: official pitch day 23rd Jan

Today was the day for my final pitching of my documentary, my pitch slot was at 10.10.mi arrived 5 minutes early.
I began to prepare my pitch by setting up my laptop to the projector and getting my dress that. Made out and the handouts. As i started i gave my pitch and the handout that i made to pete and colin for them to look at. I then read through the slides and give out more information as i went through them. I the middle of my presentation i showed colin and pete an example of a dress that i have made which i thought would set a good example of what the show is about.
I finished the pitch and got some positive feedback from both tutors. Peter said that i have put a lot of thought into it and that it was good. I just need to sort out my crew for filming. Also they mentioned about my set for my presenting parts where i use my sewing machine and though the use of the studio would look more professional and better than my bedroom would as jt would fit better into the documentary style
I feel that my overall presentation went well however i did get a little confused about what i was saying at times and feared if i repeat my self a little though i got through the presentation in good time and got out what i wanted to say.
The things i would change about pitching my idea would be; i would think more about my crew and locations more. I would also re film the short video that i made with one of the cameras from college as i felt that it didnt look as good. I would also hand in my full research folder as i forgot it that day to fulfil my pitching idea.

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